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What Is The Relationship Between Age And Erectile Dysfunction?

What Is The Relationship Between Age And Erectile Dysfunction?

Are you having regular tussles along with your associate concerning unhappy sex life? You should try to analyze the health issue. Are you not getting an erection during sex? Having such erection issues is the prime reason for couples even divorcing.

A man now not capable of achieving an erection is said to have erection troubles. Unfortunately, innumerable men go through erection issues in the present times. A lot of men go to see their healthcare physicians to report the problem of erectile dysfunction. Countless men visit their doctors just because they observe symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

On the contrary, innumerable men do not pay attention to erectile dysfunction. This creates a serious health problem in the long run.

If you’re noticing signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction, do not delay in receiving remedy. Make an appointment with a consultant at the earliest. This allows you to cure the disorder at its milder stages. Healthcare practitioners will assess sexual health issues with the right diagnosis. 

After completing the diagnosis, a doctor will prescribe you certain medications. There may even recommend certain lifestyle changes. Ensuring these changes helps decrease the risk of ED. It is extremely essential to get your erectile dysfunction treated as early as possible. When you do not suffer from a sexual disorder, you do not have to use Fildena 150. 

Is There A Relation Between Age And Erectile Dysfunction In Men? 

Is there a connection between age and ED? Is there any specific age after which men are more prone to have ED? Well, let’s find out…

Much research proves that there may be a sturdy connection between age and ED. Unfortunately, the range of erectile dysfunction patients is increasing unexpectedly throughout the globe.

Earlier, the thought and belief were that only men who are above 50 years suffer from impotence. As men begin to age, they start going through erectile disorder which is likewise referred to as impotence.

Older men tend to suffer from erection problems which are quite natural. When older men used to experience the problem of erectile dysfunction, it was considered normal. Healthcare providers believe that as men grow older, they will start experiencing erection issues. Old age has a reference to erectile dysfunction problems.

Erection issues or impotence is a problem of not having the capability to have an erection during sex. When the penis is not erect, a man is not able to satisfy his sexual partner in bed. Many healthcare practitioners blame psychological issues and physical health ailments on older men. Physical issues and emotional distress can affect erectile function.

What is making men in their 30s prone to ED? 

According to the latest studies research, it has been observed that age is one of the high factors of erection dysfunction. Various other factors cause ED. Age plays a prime role in erectile dysfunction. 

Recent research studies show that even younger men who are above 30 years of age experience erectile dysfunction. A huge majority of more youthful men document low sex pressure and erectile dysfunction issues. Many younger men experience moderate erection issues. On the contrary, many younger men experience erectile dysfunction issues frequently.

Men who follow a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet have the lowest risk of developing erection issues. If you maintain good health, you will not be susceptible to erection problems and you do not have to depend on taking Vidalista 60 mg

Factors Contribute Erection Issues

  • Endocrine Disease: 

It is your body’s endocrine system that produces hormones that control sexual function, metabolism, mood, and reproduction. If you have an endocrine disease, then you are likely to suffer from diabetes. If your endocrine system no longer paintings well, you may be afflicted by ED. 

  • Putting On  A Lot Of Weight:

Your tummy size may hinder you to have an erection. Did you have any clue about this?

 It is necessary to control your weight to enjoy healthy sex life. If your waistline is increasing every month, erection issues may soon rise. Shed excess and unwanted fats from your body to keep your weight in check. When you have a balanced weight, you will not suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Are you wondering about a way to put off obesity? Well, your remedy starts from home by taking the right diet, exercising, doing yoga, and avoiding addictions. 

  • Nerve Damage And Neurological Disorders:

The risk of impotence can be due to neurological conditions as well. Affected nerves will affect the capacity of the mind to talk with your reproductive device. Affected nerves will not let you attain an erection. If you have neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, or spinal tumors, you can be at a higher risk of developing erection problems. but such cases are generally rare.

  • Heart Disease:

Having a problem in the arteries such as blocking of arteries increases erection issues. Did you know that heart malfunctions and disorders are the topmost cause of ED these days?

Keeping your cardiovascular health good. This can help you keep away from erectile dysfunction. As an end result, you should not depend on Tadalista 60 mg


No matter what your age is, ensure that you don’t have diseases like obesity and diabetes. It is a fine manner to try to keep away from ED.