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Privacy Policy

On the TrustablePills website, we always offer maximum privacy to our customers. We always tend to ensure that our customers can enjoy the availability of a secured and safe portal such that they can enjoy using the features on our portal for secured medicine shopping and ensuring their wellbeing of them.

Anyways before proceeding with buying medicines through our portal we also encourage our customers to check out the privacy policy.

Providing the right email and contact number forms the key to communicating with our customers

The key to contacting our customers is only done by way of emails and providing messages on your contact number. And thus it is needless to say that the customer needs to ensure that both the details are correct.

At all times that is during order placing, customer registration, cancellation, and any other means of communication as and when required will be done via email and messages sent to your contact number.

This is done on our behalf to ensure that all communication with our customers occurs in the documented form. In case of any dispute or negligence, you can always refer to these emails and show grounds for your validation.

Ensuring the age guidelines on our website before proceeding

Ensuring the age guidelines means that you comply with the fact that you are above the age of 18 and deem yourself to be an adult knowing all the risks and safety of sharing information with us.

In case you are not above 18 yet please avoid transacting on our portal as you do not comply with our rules yet.

Cookie and email newsletter policy

We always ensure the maximum benefit to our customers such that they can get to know of all the latest happenings using our newsletter that you will be receiving weekly on your email. This is a facility that you can opt for according to your decision.

It is not mandatory to sign in and register with our weekly newsletter that contains all the latest news and affairs along with the upcoming discount deals, new arrivals, and exciting reward programs on buying specific medicine brands within a specific duration.

Similar to this is the cookie policy which if you agree to you give us the right to save your personal information on our website. It may come in handy if you are a repeat customer on our website and buy medicines regularly from TrustablePills. 

Refund rules and cancellation

Your privacy rules also extend for refunds and cancellations which we provide you during times of need. But according to the company’s guidelines, the return of any product is only according to the standard parameters set up by the organization.

During the time of refund, it is the customer’s sole duty to share all needed bank information as need be. At the time of cancellation, there will be some charges for canceling your order.

Providing the right address for the safety of dispatch with no return

Our customer information is always highly secured but remembers that at the time of sharing your basic details such as dispatch address it should be provided correctly. Please put in an address where you are staying active to avoid an undue return of your package.