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How To Get Better and Stronger Erections In Bed?

How To Get Better and Stronger Erections In Bed?

Any man today who is in a relationship or marriage is vulnerable or suffering from the issue of poor erection. For a healthy relationship to succeed it must satisfy both the emotional and physical needs of the couple. Emotional needs are satisfied by spending quality time together, sharing happiness, creating memories, and sharing love emojis on social media. But your partner must also be capable of satisfying your physical needs. If not, then your relationship is going to suffer from a lot of turmoil and needs utmost care from both partners.

Mostly the issue among couples is the poor erection of men. For a satisfying sexual experience men require hardness of the penis. For a variety of reasons, men should take ED Medicine for Stronger Erections. And this results in women compromising their sexual desires. This problem of poor erection is termed Erectile Dysfunction or simply Erections. Currently, every 2 or 3 men out of 5 in North American and European countries are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. If not suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, then surely on the way to becoming one of its patients.

Many men may not consider it a very attention-seeking disorder as pills like Cenforce 200 mg Wholesale and Buy Fildena 150 can cure it in no time. The seriousness of Erections is validated by the fact that it has led to divorces, extramarital affairs, anxiety, depression, etc. Read this article to know how men can get better and stronger Erections in bed.

First Understanding The Logic Behind Erection

Erection is the symbol of men getting stimulated for sexual activity. When a man is stimulated for sex by any means, the nervous systems signal blood to move into the blood vessels of the penis. The penis thus gets bigger due to the significant expansion of blood vessels which we call erection. This is the usual case when everything is normal. We can find that the erection is directly dependent on the blood flow into the penis. If the blood flow is good, erection is also good and vice-versa.

Now, let’s discuss why suddenly during Erectile Dysfunction men cannot get a good erection. The main reason for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction is the flow of inadequate blood in the penis when the person is stimulated. But why does this happen? The most common reasons are smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, obesity, high sugar levels in the blood (diabetes), depression, injury in the penile region, and many others. These situations negatively affect the flow of blood in the penis, leading to less expansion of blood vessels and ultimately low erection. So, one thing is clear any action that reduces blood flow will affect the erection.

How To Get a Better Erection

As we discussed in the earlier section the flow of blood determines the erection. During the penis is deprived of blood, thus, any action that can revive the Blood Flow in the penis will again bring back erection. Some of the steps one must follow to get a good erection are given below:

Use Counter ED Pills

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This is one of the most used methods of getting rid of poor erection in men. All it needs is to get the drug prescribed by the doctor and start taking it as per the prescription. Pills like Vidalista 20 Mg Medicine are some of the most trusted counter Erections pills prescribed to men. The pills dissolving in the bloodstream increase the blood circulation in the penile region. For this, the main ingredient of these drugs smoothens the walls of erectile tissues, stabilizes the blood pressure and eases pelvic muscles to allow blood flow smoothly in the penile region during the stimulation period.

But these drugs are prescription-based, hence they must be consumed if the doctor allows them. Taking these drugs without a doctor’s approval may land you in trouble due to hazardous side effects. An average Erectile Dysfunction treating drug gives an erection for 5 to 6 hours, some drugs extend it to 12 hours. So, couples can have enough time to pace their pleasure-seeking activity.

Give Up Addictions

To ensure a better erection without the influence of ED Pills one must change his lifestyle. Start with giving up addictions, be it, tobacco, alcohol, drug abuse or any other. Addictions directly affect the working of the mental system reducing the overall metabolism of the body. Thus, the electrical signals take more time to reach the destination resulting in a poor reflex action. When addicted the mind is not in the control of the person but on the substance. When the person does not consume the substance, he gets out of control and starts behaving abnormally, even harming himself.

The Blood Circulation is disturbed, and important secretion of hormones and enzymes is also affected. Thus, such a person is more likely to get a less Erections. This is why most alcoholics and smokers are found using Erections pills.

Burn Calories

You may be glad to know that Burning Calories is one way you can get a Good Erections. As discussed earlier that even obesity is one of the reasons for poor erection. Why does this happen? Due to the consumption of fast-food items, cholesterol gets deposited in the mouth of the pulmonary artery. Thus, blood pumped from the heart cannot reach the destined organs because cholesterol blocks the artery which will supply the blood. Hence, the penis and a whole lot of other organs get deprived of blood.

Thus, burning calories will free the opening of the artery resulting in the smooth flow of blood. Besides going for a workout one can reduce the consumption of high cholesterol items so that no more cholesterol gets accumulated.


Not getting a good Erections is a universal male disorder nowadays. Earlier only aged men were suffering from poor Erections, now even men in their 30s and 40s are suffering from poor Erections. This has resulted in cases of depression, loneliness and Anxiety. As soon as the symptoms are felt, one must go to the doctor. One or two instances of poor Erections is not a disease, it is common. But when such instances happen frequently, it should raise an alarm.