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Can a man with diabetes overcome erectile dysfunction?


In today’s unhealthy situation where the whole world is already under the hazardous effect of coronavirus, the health of men has been already a part of the conversation in the medical community. If anyone health problem that is one of the most common among today’s men, then that is undoubtedly, diabetes or diabetes mellitus. Earlier a few decades ago, diabetes was common in men above the age of 50. It was given the name of old people’s disorder, but this theory has no relevance today because today young men in the age group of 30 are becoming patients with diabetes.

This is a very alarming situation because when men who are in their prime years and succeed in their careers, get indulged in relationships suffering from diabetes can be very troublesome. Diabetes is one such disorder that cannot be fully cured by any medication or treatment, i.e., a chronic disorder just like asthma. So, what can one do? Should we suffer the symptoms of diabetes and get hopeless in life? No. diabetes cannot be fully cured but with medication, its symptoms can be controlled to the extent that you can continue with your work and studies. Numerous people in high positions are diabetic patients, so, you are not alone.

A unique thing about diabetes is that it is never alone to trouble the person. In other words, you will never see a diabetic is only suffering from diabetes. At the same time, he must be suffering from complementary disorders like Erectile Dysfunction (ED), obesity, poor eyesight, joint pain etc. This is the reason men fear diabetes so much and is known as the gateway to other disorders. Hence, if you are suffering from diabetes, then erectile dysfunction or ED is very much a possibility. Due to ED men have to take Vidalista 20 and Fildena 100 to get some relief.

But ED is a consequence of diabetes, so can a diabetic man get rid of ED? Read the article till the end to know the answer. Because men would be quickly looking for solutions to ED because it makes their sex life a real hell.

First, know what is Erectile Dysfunction or ED

ED in short or Erectile Dysfunction is a medical condition in which men fail to obtain the sufficient erection that is needed for satisfying sexual intercourse. We all know that for sex, the penis must get erect. But due to various reasons despite getting sexually excited the penis remains non-erect. This may not seem a big issue but remember ED has been the cause of divorces, depression, anxiety, attempts to suicide etc. So, you cannot underestimate what a poor erection can result to.

Why does ED occur?

Under normal circumstances when a man gets sexually excited, instructions come from the brain to allow excess blood to travel in the penile region. This results in the expansion of the blood vessels of the penis which makes the penis big, which we call an erection. Now, this is the normal situation.

During Erectile Dysfunction, due to multiple reasons such as smoking, alcohol consumption, use of recreational drugs, obesity, diabetes, stress, anxiety and such issues even on getting excited about sex, a sufficient amount of blood does not enter the penis. Thus, the blood vessels of the penis cannot expand much as they expanded in a normal situation. This causes the erection to reduce and that leads to low enjoyment, which we know as Erectile Dysfunction.

There is not a direct relation between diabetes with Erectile Dysfunction but most diabetic men are also found to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction at the same time. During diabetes, the sugar level in the blood is very high due to a lack of secretion of insulin from the pancreas. Now, due to less secretion of insulin, glucose remains in the blood which otherwise would have been stored in the liver as glycogen.

Thus, the organs get deprived of glucose or energy that they need to carry out their processes. This is the reason you would have observed that diabetic patients cannot run fast or for a very long duration and get exhausted. This is because their tissues and muscles are deprived of energy. Similarly, every part of the body starts showing some other problems such as poor vision, low memory and forgetting things easily. Hence, insufficient blood flow in the penis, and poor transmission of signalling between organs and brains are also a symptom of diabetes that can trigger Erectile Dysfunction.

Can diabetes patients overcome Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, diabetes patients can surely overcome Erectile Dysfunction because ED is a disorder that occurs due to diabetes. But as diabetes is a chronic disorder so you cannot completely get away with ED, the symptoms will persist. But don’t worry because with necessary treatment definitely get a long-lasting erection and again enjoy sexual pleasure. But how? The treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and that too while suffering from diabetes at the same time needs both medical treatment and a lifestyle change.

Use pills

Using pills like Cenforce 200 is one of the most common ways to get a good erection. These pills increase the blood supply in the penile region. Thus, when the man gets excited the blood gushes into the blood vessels of the penis. And this time the erection sustains for 5 to 6 hours so that couples can enjoy sex in every way possible. These pills must be taken under the supervision of the doctor or you may be affected by side effects.

Correcting lifestyle

Now that you are taking proper medication from the doctor you must also make some changes in your lifestyle that will complement the work done by the medicine. This includes giving up addiction (of any kind), eating healthy food and reducing the intake of fast food that accumulated nothing but cholesterol in the liver, kidney and heart. Thus, giving rise to innumerable disorders. Regular exercise along with yoga and meditation to take care of mental health must also be part of your routine.