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What are the first steps in dealing with sexual anxiety? – Copy

sexual anxiety

Sexual anxiety is one of the major issues faced today by men across borders. Watching movies and porn creates a false sense of aspiration in men and they start to feel as if they will also have sex in that manner. Thus, they cultivate false expectations and this is the nature of expectations that they always hurt. One must underestimate sexual anxiety as just another sexual ailment but it is the reason why people have become depressed, have had heart attacks, or even relationships have broken.

The main reason for anxiety during sexual intercourse is the urgency to do it. People imagine sex right from puberty till the time they are going to do it. Instead, one should treat sex just as another biological activity just as digestion, breathing, excretion, etc. Too much obsession with sex is the reason that men are failing when the real time comes for sex. Thus, they become patients with Erectile Dysfunction or impotence, Premature Ejaculation, and so on. Such men have to take pills like Vidalista 60 to be able to satisfy the desires of their partner and experience orgasm without any disturbance.

Read this article to know the tips for dealing with sexual anxiety. The article aims to provide less dependence on pills; hence the solution will be natural that pose no threat due to side effects.

Take it easy

This is the most important step, if one would have followed it sexual anxiety would not have occurred at all. Don’t consider sex as anything of extreme importance, it is just another way of gaining pleasure and reproduction. Just like other mammals have to undergo sexual reproduction similarly humans also a mammal undergo the sexual method of reproduction. Another major reason for this awkwardness about sex is the lack of sex education in society. It is a common thing in schools that teachers skip the topic of reproduction in classes. This is the first major instance when a student feels that sex is something that must not be talked about in public.

And thus, the student develops curiosity to know about sex. To satisfy their curiosity he/she goes to various websites and magazines. Not only teachers but the structure of the society is such that not only teachers but one cannot discuss sex with parents or any relative. One who talks about sex is considered a pervert and looked at with a bad impression. So, it is not only the fault of the affected person but also of the society and the people that run it.

Stop Watching Porn

If you feel trapped by thoughts of failing during sex and get anxiety due to it, you must stop watching any sexual motivation movies or porn. Many people feel that porn helps them get away from stress and relax. Single people complain that those who have partners can enjoy themselves but what about people who don’t have partners, porn is the only way of satisfying their sexual desires. And after becoming adults and being in the prime age of 20 to 30 getting attracted to sexual stimulations can hardly be avoided. But this is a false excuse given by anyone who does things that should not be done.

For easing stress and anxiety after a day full of work there are numerous methods other than watching porn. Porn is not just another movie but it is the satisfaction of sexual desires by watching someone else perform the things which you wanted to do. Doctors and mental health experts have concluded that porn damages a person’s intelligence, memory power, and thinking ability. So, if you want to be successful in life by achieving heights in your career then stop watching porn immediately.

Everyone knows that what porn shows is far away from real sex but still people watch it. A usual porn video is 30 to 60 minutes duration. They try various positions with ease and almost through the video the penis is erect. This is not how real sex takes place, in reality, you get sweat, the erection lasts for 2 to 3 minutes then you need to wait for some time and again go for another session. Trying such positions is not easy, you may harm your and your partner’s muscles and bones. A porn video is actually a movie where 40 to 50 people are involved and take around 10 to 12 hours to shoot the entire thing whereas average sex lasts around 10 to 15 minutes.

Communicate with your partner

During sex, there is no one except you and your partner. Both may be feeling the same pressure and anxiety but due to awkwardness or whatever, they may not tell each other about it. As a partner when you both are ready to indulge in sexual relations it is necessary that you must know their feelings because emotions drive sexual passions and that makes sex more enjoyable. Tell your partner that you are feeling anxiety about sex and how to proceed. If your partner is also feeling the same, calm each other and go as smoothly as possible. If any of you feel out of the mood then it is not necessary to go for sex, postpone it immediately. Sex should only happen when both of them have given consent.

Thus, communication becomes very important. Intercourse is the last thing in the whole sexual activity that lasts for less than 2 – 3 minutes or if you have more stamina than 5 minutes. The most sexual activity consists of stimulating various parts of the body during foreplay and other such activities. Intercourse is the last process that concludes the thing and people keep imagining it only. A woman will be more satisfied if all her g-spots are stimulated by her partner rather than directly going for intercourse.


Overcoming sexual anxiety does not need any kind of pills like Cenforce 100. Simply following the above steps mentioned is enough to enjoy satisfying sex that fulfills your and your partner’s desires and fantasies.