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Avana 100 Mg
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Avana 50 Mg
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Top Avana
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Super Avana
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What is Avana?

Avana is a medicine to help you recover from ED. ED or erectile dysfunction is a disorder that occurs in males. It can occur at any age and may have various reasons, most other existing disorders. Some reasons for ED are physical while others may even be psychological.

But to help you recover from ED we have an efficient pill for you that is Avana 50 Mg. To use this pill first you need to get in touch with a doctor and have a consultation with them.

With its Generic ingredient that is Avanafil, the medicine is highly potent in males of helping to recover from ED. Even though you will have erections only till the medicine is effective it is a good way to temporarily delve away from erectile issues and have sex normally with your partner.


Sunrise Remedies manufactures all the doses available under the Avana generic brand. It is sellable in India and the rest of the world as a generic variant pill. The company also manages the exporting rights of the brand and also caters to adjusting the price of the medicine as per demand and availability.

For easier availability of patients, Sunrise Remedies have several online and offline medicine sellers registered with them that sell the medicines.


The dose composition Avanafil is a generic ingredient that restores erectile capabilities even for a normal patient. Avanafil is the medicine that will work as a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor and eventually this will lead you to have a hard erection.
Normally with the action of Avanafil, the vasodilation actions trigger the blood vessels and the arteries of the penis region to carry more blood to the penis tissues and help gather more sensitivity. Eventually when you stimulate an erection occurs easily.

How to take Avana?

The ideal process to take Avana pills is easier. All you have to do is an oral administration of the pills. This means that you just need to put the pill in your mouth and follow it up by drinking some water so that it helps flush down the pill into your stomach.
Remember that for this, you will need to avoid chewing or crushing the pill before swallowing it. there are no time limitations to have your pill meaning that you can take your pill at any given time during the day. Whether it is during the morning time or night it is suitable to take your daily pill at any given time of the day.

What Is Avana used for?

The purpose of using Avana 200 Mg is to help you have an erection.  It is a medicine that you need to get authentication from the doctors first if you are to use it daily. This prescription medicine, before doctors recommend it, you may undergo some diagnostic tests which confirm ED’s presence.

Avana pills provide hard erections for men. Impotence which is the other term used to describe ED is recoverable, but remember to have your medicines in the right dose and only use it after consulting with your doctor.
There may be several reasons for doctors not recommending the medicine to you such as allergic issues or even the occurrence of regular side effects.

Working of Avana

Avan medicines begin working with the release of the generic substance Avanafil. Once the secretion of Avanafil is producing its complete actions there will be the inhibition of the PDE-5 hormones. Eventually due to this the release of the cGMP hormone that has until now been shut off jumps suddenly.
there is a massive secretion of the cGMP hormone. Eventually, the nitric oxide secretion causes the blood vessels and the arteries of the penis region to vasodilate meaning the blood flow supply will also increase to the penis tissues.
Due to this, the penis becomes more sensitive to touches and eventually, when you stimulate it you can have a hard erection.

Dosage of Avana

Consume Top Avana doses only in the recommended dose to avoid any side effects. It is better to recommend that an unnecessary overdose can lead to side effects pretty easily. It is even possible that most patients do not suit to the same dose. What might be an optimum dose for an ED patient may be an overdose for one.

It is due to this that doctors aptly need to have an idea about your existing health issues and more importantly about the severity of ED.
if it is more severe then they may recommend a higher dose. But generally, doctors prefer to begin treatment with a small dose.


Avoid taking any dose that is harmful to you. And certainly, a dose that is high and not needed can produce Avanafil side effects. So it is better to avoid it.

Miss dose

Do not miss a dose. If you have forgotten to take it, avoid taking two simultaneous doses within 10 hours.

When should you avoid taking Avana?

As we told you Avana may be a highly efficient pill for most patients but it is not the ideal ED-curing drug for all. At times some patients may experience much more severer side effects. In other cases, they may be having severe allergic tendencies with Avanafil.

Even the administration of alcohol right before or after having your daily pill can put you in danger of having side effects. This is due to the contraindication tendencies of alcohol and grape juice with Avana’s generic ingredient. So better stray out of using these two substances.

Side Effects of Avana

Avana tablet may bring in side effects. If side effects occur then become more vigilant about your dose. In a majority of the cases, it has been found that the patient has been taking an undue overdose that has led to side effects.

But generally, side effects may also occur because you are having a PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting medicine for the first time.

  • Dizziness
  • Lower libido
  • Hazy vision
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Priapism
  • Headache
  • Reduction in hearing capabilities

Remember that the best thing to do is to inform your doctors right away. It is crucial to inform your doctors about all your side effects.


Avanafil is a medicine to help curb impotence issues in men. To find out your right dose for Avana get in touch with a physician now.

Avana reviews

Most patients have commented on the ability to gain penile hardness after the use of the pill. Most patients have reported about a 4 to 5-hour actionable time with the pills.


How long does a dose of Avana remain active?

A single dose of Avana might be effective for 4 to 5 hours. The higher the dose the longer the effective time.

Is there an FDA-approved brand for generic Avana?

Stendra and Spedra are two FDA-approved drugs in the US.

What precautions should you follow with Avanafil brand dosage?

Be cautious about the regular dose and the timings for taking the dose. Avoid disclosing your side effects to the doctor. Mention all health issues and do not hide any general health disorders that you have currently. Avoid alcohol and grape juice.

How to order?

Check out online pharmacies (Trustablepills) because it is your sole option to order pills directly to your home. Find out the best discounts on buying Avana pills now.

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